“Let us take our children seriously!  Everything else follows from this.”


We are very happy that you have stopped in to take a look at what we have to offer. The Kodály Society of Ontario is a group of music educators dedicated to assisting teachers teaching music in the classroom. Our philosophy of music education comes from the Hungarian Ethnomusicologist Zoltán Kodály who believed that musical literacy was the right of every child.

The mandate of the Kodály Society of Ontario is to assist teachers of music in elementary schools in Ontario to improve the quality of music learning occurring in their classrooms. Our philosophy of music education includes teaching musical concepts in authentic musical contexts. We focus on practical, hands-on ideas within a developmentally appropriate and sequenced context.

Music is extremely important in the life of a child. As I reflect on past music classes, concerts, assemblies and impromptu singing sessions, I am reminded of the delight, the emotional satisfaction and the pure pleasure children derive from joyous music making. One of my favourite songs, which has become a theme song of the Kodály movement around the world, is Harmonia Mundi (We Gather Here Together). This is a wonderful symbol of the power of making music together. The words are as follows:

We Gather Here Together

We gather here together with joyful hearts and mind

We raise our voices ever, our distant souls to bind.

To remember in this moment of friendship, love and joy,

That music made together with one day heal mankind.

May you experience beautiful music making in joyful community!


Carolyn Neumann VanderBurgh

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